Vilma Bustos – Executive DirectorVilma

Vilma started her working life as a teenager in San Juan del Sur and completed High School with the help of her parents. She joined the Pelican Eyes team in 2001 when Jean and Chris initiated a small tourist development that eventually became the largest in the Rivas area. While working full time she continued her higher education as a student beneficiary of the Foundation. She participated in various community projects as one of those proud students. After having earned her Bachelor of Executive Science degree and completed her English studies, Vilma is now a professional whose purpose is to contribute to the educational development of the Foundation. Vilma credits and thanks Jean Brugger personally for the support and love given to her over her long, multifaceted tenure with Pelican Eyes and the Foundation. As one of the beneficiaries of Foundation grants, and having played a role in the development of the resort and the Foundation, Vilma is extraordinarily proud to now be a working contributing part of the Foundation.

Alvaro Novoa - Student Sponsorship Coordinator and AdministratorAlvaro Novoa

Álvaro is originally from San Jorge, Rivas. He currently lives in Rivas and is married to Celina Guzman, they have two beautiful children.

He has a Bachelor in Social Work and Development Management, an Applied Degree in Social and Human Promotion and he is currently studying English. He worked in a Catholic organization, “Caritas of Nicaragua”, for 9 years as Project Coordinator in areas related to migration and human rights in Rivas and Rio San Juan, his responsibilities included the design of Methodological plans for workshops, training of community leaders, community organization, coordination between agencies (Nicaragua-Costa Rica) and social research; he also acquired experience in the design, planning, implementation and evaluation of social projects.  He was also part of the Nicaraguan Network of Civil Society, performing specialized research on Migration. Worked in “Aldeas SOS” in Managua, as the Director. Now he’s developing and sharing his skills as the Student Sponsorship Program Coordinator and Administrator of the A Jean Brugger Foundation.

Fernando Castro - Administrative Assistant & Logistics

Fernando Castro Fernando was born in San Juan del Sur, where he finished his primary education.  Then he moved to the city of Rivas where he started and finished high-school in the year2004. The following year he began working at a family business where he worked in the area of customer service and administrative assistant, began his university studies of technical degree in agricultural science.

In 2007, he began the career of System Engineering at the University UHISPAM of Rivas, where he study for two years and couldn’t finish because of his mother’s death.  In October 2008, Fernando had to move to Managua to live with his uncles, and work in a business dedicated to the import of chemicals and vegetable seeds; he served in the area of sales records and inventory control for more than 1 year. In 2010, he returned to his hometown to find a stable job and achieve his professional dreams, now working for the A Jean Brugger Foundation an organization that works for the development of his hometown. Fernando is currently studying English. 

The Board of Directors:

Jean Brugger, Founder
Wendy Jacoby, Chair
Dewey P. Gantz, Vice Chairman
Lisa Manion, Secretary
Laura Brugger, Treasurer
Melanie Hamilton
Gregory Houston
Kathleen Knight
John Macdonald
Karen Dovey
Aynn Setright
John Stewart
Diane Tillotson

Emeritus Board Members:

Rodney Barker
Bonnie Betters Reed

Friends of the Foundation:

Sandra Sheil
Dannie Polley
Cesar Paniamogan, Jr.
Sandy George
John Detwyler
Robert Carter

Paul & Melea Smillie

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